We help cancer patients understand their disease and treatment by meeting with them, their families, caregivers and doctors. We will meet on a regular basis to go over what is happening to them with respect to their disease. We can also help them find the newest and latest treatments including clinical trials and alternative treatment that may offer a patient more efficacious ways to survive their disease. 


Patients often don’t understand what their disease is doing to them inside. Some patients may not understand what their doctors tell them and are afraid to ask too many questions.  We try to fill that gap by educating patients about their disease and making complex science more accessible to the patient. So they can make better, well informed decisions.


A major part of surviving cancer is in utilizing the mind. First wanting to fight to live and second finding the inner strength and resources to fight. We help foster that inner strength by first educating the patient about their disease and second finding ways to use the mind to overcome the disease. These can include mind training, nutrition, movement and harnessing the higher powers to overcome and survive this disease. In understanding the disease and having found new ways to treat it, one becomes empowered with knowledge most cancer patients never have.  This can help a higher power within oneself to successfully survive this disease.