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We assist you to find the latest cancer therapies, clinical trials and alternative treatments.
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Let us help you find ways to improve your cancer survival.


Often when an individual is diagnosed with cancer their life along with their family and friends is thrown into utter shock and chaos.  These individuals do not know where to turn and they, all of a sudden, find themselves caught up in the complicated world of the “medical industrial complex”, which may be confusing and/or scary to them. They may even feel out of control in a system that sometimes takes charge of their lives which may lead to making choices without understanding why.  All of this stress may take a huge emotional toll on the individual and family members, which may ultimately affect the cancer patients’ progress and outcome in their treatment.


Survive Cancer Inc., a company has been created to provide, in a very user-friendly way, the highest level of knowledge, guidance and advocacy to a cancer client, their family, friends and healthcare providers so they may be armed with the most comprehensive, and up-to-date information.  With this knowledge and insight into their disease they can make better, well-informed decisions about their disease treatment. We do this by providing the cancer client a more global understanding of the myriad of new and standard-of-care options that they have available to them as a result of advances in cancer diagnosis, treatment and management.  Through our experienced professional staff we work closely with our clients and their support groups to empower them to take charge of their disease instead of feeling like a victim of it.


Much of this information we provide will include access to and understanding of the latest clinical developments, leaders, hospitals and clinics, as well as clinical trials that may provide treatments that are groundbreaking in the field. We will equip our clients with the best information to assure they can optimize their chances of survival while maintaining the highest quality of life during this most difficult period.  We want our clients and their support members to ask questions to become as knowledgeable about their disease and treatment options as they choose to be.



A company created to provide in a user-friendly way the highest level of knowledge and guidance to a cancer client.

We do not charge for our service, but all donations are welcome

Things we do at Survive Cancer, Inc., to support those to survive cancer. 


  • Help survivors find and enroll in clinical trials and/or off label treatments in cancer.

  • Provide grants for promising and innovative clinical trials in cancer research.

  • Assist survivors in finding and sponsoring travel room and board for clinical trials, off label treatments, and alternative treatments.

  • Create a platform for raising needed funds to help survivors if insurance does not cover everything.

  • Guide survivors with treating the whole body and mind using nutrition, meditative, and whole bodywork.

Many thanks to our benefactors for their contibution


Dr. Christopher R. Joy

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